MassEquality Releases Legislative Agenda

Rainbow banner with collage of images of MassEquality staff and volunteers demonstrating, marching, smiling, waving, etc.



Worcester, MA:  MassEquality has finalized its legislative agenda for the 2023-2024 session focused on promoting equity and social justice and protecting vulnerable communities.  We will also be ensuring that none of the anti LGBTQ bills, that have been filed at the State House gain any momentum.


“In the wake of the anti-LGBTQ organizing and sentiment, both across the nation and here in the commonwealth, we’re focusing on a list of bills that ensure that the LGBTQ+ Community feels supported, seen and protected, here in Massachusetts,” said MassEquality Executive Director Tanya Neslusan.


  • An Act to ensure legal parentage
  • An Act to promote rehabilitation including guaranteed health, treatment, and safety for incarcerated LGBTQI+ People
  • An Act Establishing Gender Neutral Bathrooms
  • An Act enabling pharmacists to prescribe, dispense and, administer PrEP
  • An Act relative to trans-inclusive health care access
  • An Act relative to gender-affirming hair removal treatment
  • An Act relative to LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum
  • An Act establishing an LGBTQI long-term care facility bill of rights
  • An Act repealing homophobic and transphobic laws
  • An Act relative to student mental health
  • An Act relative to gender identity on Massachusetts identification

MassEquality Legislative Agenda 2023